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CultureetRecherche magazine


The french Ministry of Culture and Communication informs us about the publication of the number 133 Summer 2016 of the magazine CultureetRecherche. Inside ( page 18) an article about the JPI on Cultural Heritage. Here the link for unloading it: http://www.culturecommunication.gouv.fr/Politiques-ministerielles/Recherche-Enseignement-superieur-Technologie/La-revue-Culture-et-Recherche/PATRIMOINES.-Enjeux-contemporains-de-la-recherche  

EMERISDA Project international workshop, Bologna ISAC-CNR, 18 November 2016


The international workshop of EMERISDA project titled “Effectivness of Methods against Rising Damp in Buildings. European practice and perspective” will take place at ISAC-CNR headquarters onthe 18th November. Registration is free of charge and mandatory, at the latest 2 weeks before the workshop (4th November). Download here the brochure and the… continue reading →

Final conference of FP7 HERCULES project, Brussels, Residence Palace, 4 Oct 2016


HERCULES is one of our first R&I projects exploring interdependencies between natural resources, cultural heritage values and ecosystem services in rural landscapes. The final conference will discuss how to put a landscape approach at the centre of policy and governance models, taking into account socio-economic factors, biophysical aspects and the… continue reading →