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JHEP Joint Heritage European Programme


JHEP is the Coordination action in support to the Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) on “Cultural Heritage and Global Change: a new challenge for Europe“

The call was launched on July 2010; in October 2010 the CSA proposal was submitted and, after the evaluation  concluded in december 2010, JHEP was  successfully accepted.

On february 2011 JHEP negotiation started. It was concluded in September.

JHEP intends to structure and support this JPI to implement the action programme for the area of research on cultural heritage in a changing world.

The main objectives of JHEP are therefore:

  • Providing necessary administrative and logistical support to the meetings of the Governing Board, Executive Board, Scientific Committee and Advisory Board required for the development and implementation of the SRA and Action Programme.
  •  definition of strategic and scientific priorities to develop the scientific research agenda
  •  implementation of joint and coordinated research activities
  •  extension of the partnership, cooperation at global levels and with international and NG organizations,
  •  evaluation and monitoring of the joint activities,
  •  engagement of stakeholders through a communication plan to ensure the translation of research outputs into practice and policy