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CultureetRecherche magazine

The french Ministry of Culture and Communication informs us about the publication of the number 133 Summer 2016 of the magazine CultureetRecherche. Inside ( page 18) an article about the JPI on Cultural Heritage. Here the link for unloading it: http://www.culturecommunication.gouv.fr/Politiques-ministerielles/Recherche-Enseignement-superieur-Technologie/La-revue-Culture-et-Recherche/PATRIMOINES.-Enjeux-contemporains-de-la-recherche  

EMERISDA Project international workshop, Bologna ISAC-CNR, 18 November 2016

The international workshop of EMERISDA project titled “Effectivness of Methods against Rising Damp in Buildings. European practice and perspective” will take place at ISAC-CNR headquarters onthe 18th November. Registration is free of charge and mandatory, at the latest 2 weeks before the workshop (4th November). Download here the brochure and the… continue reading →

Final conference of FP7 HERCULES project, Brussels, Residence Palace, 4 Oct 2016

HERCULES is one of our first R&I projects exploring interdependencies between natural resources, cultural heritage values and ecosystem services in rural landscapes. The final conference will discuss how to put a landscape approach at the centre of policy and governance models, taking into account socio-economic factors, biophysical aspects and the… continue reading →

PROJECTS ON ACTION – A collection of news from the research projects granted within the JPI CH joint calls.

ArCo: Project closure and participation to WOAM Conference In April, the JPI Pilot project Ageing Study of Treated Composite Archaeological Waterlogged Artefacts (ArCo) finished. For two years, scientists and conservators from Denmark, France, Italy and Norway worked together to improve the conservation of wooden objects containing unstable salts, especially iron… continue reading →

GPC meetings, Brussels

The last GPC meetings held in Brussels on 29 April and 14 June were very important for understanding what the future of JPIs will be. In particular in the second one, the new Working Group (WG) of the GPC “GPC Working Group on the Long Term Strategy of Joint Programming”… continue reading →

JPI CH institutional meetings, June 7th-8th, Rome

The GB and JHEP2 Steering Committee meetings took place at MiBACT headquarters in Rome last June (7th-8th). The meetings were the occasion to discuss about the future developments of the JPI CH also in relation to the last GPC meetings and the Evaluation Report on JPIs. This document represents an… continue reading →