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International Conference. Citizens Involved: Participatory Governance of Built Heritage

The Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands is organising this conference in the context of JHEP2, a project for the Joint Programming Initiative on Cultural Heritage and Global Change (JPICH) Partnership within the Horizon 2020 – Societal Challenges 5 framework. The conference which will be held in Amersfoort (the Netherlands)… continue reading →

Heritage in Changing Environments Call: list of funded projects

  The JPICH Heritage in Changing Environments Call is the second of a series of four joint transnational calls within the context of the JPI Cultural Heritage for the period 2017 – 2020. The JPICH Heritage in Changing environment Call for Proposals was formally published on September 4th 2017. At… continue reading →

International Summer School, 25-29, June 2018, Kaunas ( Lithuania)

We are glad to inform all who concerne about the organization of the International Summer School, 25-29, June 2018, Kaunas. Specialists of cultural heritage, students of architecture and heritage protection, doctoral students who work with any topics related to preserving or interpreting the Heritage of historic urban landscapes of the 20th century will… continue reading →

PROJECTS ON ACTION – A collection of news from the research projects granted within the JPI CH joint calls.

ArCo: Project closure and participation to WOAM Conference In April, the JPI Pilot project Ageing Study of Treated Composite Archaeological Waterlogged Artefacts (ArCo) finished. For two years, scientists and conservators from Denmark, France, Italy and Norway worked together to improve the conservation of wooden objects containing unstable salts, especially iron… continue reading →

GPC meetings, Brussels

The last GPC meetings held in Brussels on 29 April and 14 June were very important for understanding what the future of JPIs will be. In particular in the second one, the new Working Group (WG) of the GPC “GPC Working Group on the Long Term Strategy of Joint Programming”… continue reading →

JPI CH institutional meetings, June 7th-8th, Rome

The GB and JHEP2 Steering Committee meetings took place at MiBACT headquarters in Rome last June (7th-8th). The meetings were the occasion to discuss about the future developments of the JPI CH also in relation to the last GPC meetings and the Evaluation Report on JPIs. This document represents an… continue reading →